Ensuring day-to-day computer security is a necessity if you want to protect your data and keep your equipment operational.

During these last years of digital nomadism, I had some security issues. They allowed me to put together, test and improve the system I use today.

I do not pretend to solve all the problems, nore to be exhaustive, or to have the only and best solution. It’s just the system I use on a daily basis and so I can speak frankly about it to you.

Please note that it’s not because this system fits me, that it’s perfectly made for you.

Day after day I will share with you the resources and tips I use to protect my data and keep my PC running.

Test them carefully and only adopt those that fit your situation.

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To unveil how to ensure your basic IT security yourself and protect your data on a daily basis.

I will speak about:

  • The 3 pillars of computer security.
  • The need for protection and 6 ways how to do so.
  • The greatest danger, which does not come from where you expect it, and the 7 precautions that can be taken.
  • The advantages of knowing how to keep you safe and 6 self-defense tips helping you to keep a hand on your system.

This is now the first part of twenty-four.

My security relies on three pillars

We will start with what I call the three pillars of IT security. To prevent cyber attacks and their consequences, it is necessary to:

Pillar 1 = Protect yourself

When there is no one at home, a locked door is more dissuasive than an open door.

Taking the necessary precautions to restrain the aggressor in his will to harm. Doing prophylaxis by installing a number of obstacles in order to dissuade him from attacking and stop potential aggressions.

Pillar 2 = Beware

Don’t publish on the social networks, your next departure on vacation in the Caribbean, to avoid saying “Come to my house and help yourself, I am not there”.

It’s having a responsible attitude. It’s opting for safe concerne by not opening the door to anyone. It’s listening to your intuition when the tiniest doubt arises.

Pillar 3 = Defending yourself

Do not hesitate to hang up and stop the call of the telephone marketer who tries to bait you with a super interesting offer … yes but interesting for whom?

It’s knowing the first self-defense gestures to have and how to use them. By reacting quickly, many worries could be avoided.

Next you will discover: Why to protect yourself and how?

(Photos : CC0 @ pexels.com)