On the move, processing and digitizing flyers, newspaper articles, business cards and other documents received, with a scanner mouse, is just a breeze.

Whether you’re on the move or at home, this scanner mouse allows you to sort, scan, archive and then throw away, without any regret, all collected papers.

Scanner Mouse : 2 in 1

A powerful mini scanner hidden under a mouse. One tool for two distinct but so useful functions. More than a long explanation, discover how it works in this video of 1.39 ‘

A light scanner or a heavy mouse ?

With its 359g (packaging included) I admit it’s heavier and more cumbersome than a little travel mouse (76g) or than no mouse at all but in the other hand for a scanner it is very light.

Often on journey, I pay particular attention to the weight of my luggage. Reducing to the essentials is one of my priorities. But still I don’t even think about not keeping my scanner mouse.

On the contrary, I use it every day to scan the receipts after passing the accounting entries. Moreover, without it, I will soon be cluttered with paper to carry and my luggage would be overweighted.

The advantages of this scanner mouse

  • Backup to PNG – JPEG – TIFF – BMP – PDF – EXCEL – WORD.
  • OCR (optical character recognition) function
  • Build the image on the fly.
  • Very useful for scanning documents, flyers, receipts, business cards…

Where to get it?

My first scanner mouse, in 2012, came from a Swiss store, which I cannot recall the name. In 2014, I bought the second model in Korea using Ebay. Both LG models cost me less than CHF 100.-.

As far as I know, this scanner mouse has now been produced by other companies.

First published on 3 April 2013 – Updated on 6 July 2016

 (Photos : CC0 @ pexels.com)