Do you want to create your own website , but still hesitate to give a try to WordPress ? So spend only 3 minutes to find more about that… To be clear from the beginning, I will not pretend that WordPress is the best one, nor the easiest one to use.

But if you think about using WordPress to create your blog or website, here are some inputs that might help you decide.

It’s Open Source and free

WordPress is a free and famous CMS (content management system).

Its code is Open Source. In other word, its programming or functions are public.  So, as nothing is secret, anyone can verify or contribute to its improvements, if desired.

It works like a construction set

If you like puzzles, Legos or games, like I do, then WordPress is made for you. Because it is build of different blocks to assemble.

  • The core is a motor to make it all work. Download the English version here
  • Plenty of themes (free and/or premium) for the design, to make it looks nice.
  • Plenty of plugins (free and/or premium) and widgets to add functionalities.

No need to know how to code, but it helps

You will have to invest time at the very beginning to get used to its mechanics. Some say it’s easy to understand, other says the opposite.

I think that it is accessible to all, and requires little technical knowledge.

At first, use it as it is with a default theme. So you can without any delay start to write your thoughts, add images, and publish it.

Then you will understand how to add functionalities by installing ready-to-us plugins and how to choose more sophisticate theme, but harder to set.

A the end, you will learn little bits of coding, so that your website looks, like what you want. But it is not a must.

Its use is unlimited

You can run it to :

  • expose your pictures or your artistic creations
  • publish news, magazines, catalogs
  • present your company, your products, your designs
  • create and manage a community of members
  • offer online tutorial and lessons, like e-learning
  • etc.

It grows with your knowledge

Through its use you can improve your skills with extensive online documentation. Your site will evolve with your needs and your knowledge.

Very popular, it has a very large community of enthusiasts

74,6 millions website are running with WordPress today, nearly 37% are hosted by

Source : Huit plugins WordPress pour transformer un site en App mobile (in French)

Many different profile are represented and very activ in the WordPress Community. This ensure you to find on Internet, a lot of information to help you out.

And if one day you don’t have the time or the desire to keep on doing everything by yourself, you can outsource without worrying. It is so popular that you will easily find someone able to take care of it for you.

First published on 9 December 2014