We have previously seen some options to isolate your mailbox from the rest of your system. We will now undertake the same work with your mobile phone.

Today, for many, the phone has become indispensable. So that it is not uncommon to see couples in the restaurant, their eyes riveted on their screen, to communicate only through their device!… Well almost!

Today’s mobile phone is multifunctional. It can be time consuming or productive, depending on how you use it.

I use my phone to communicate

In my opinion, it is its primary utility. It allows me to:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Exchange SMS
  • Read my emails and then delete them
  • Use Skype or What’s Up when I have access to the Internet
What I do for the security of my data:
  • I created a Google account specially for the phone (Android device) and use it only for that.
  • I’ve disabled all tracking, geolocation, search history, YouTube search history, Google maps, etc., in my Google profile.
  • My contact list contains only the names and phone numbers of the people I am in contact with. (No photos, no mailing address, no email address). It is synchronized with the Google Account. And sporadically I export an xls backup.
  • I buy a prepaid SIM card in the country I am in.
  • An email address (Google account) that receives copies of my mailboxes, which allows me to be informed if there is an emergency. I never use it to answer. I read and destroyed
  • I avoid using the Internet as far as possible. In any case, I do not stay connected more than necessary.
  • I disable all applications that I do not use and stop the updates.

I use my phone as an assistant

When traveling, it is necessary to restrict the weight of the luggage, and in thisn the telephone is very useful. Thanks to its applications, it allows me to:

  • Photographing, if I do not have my camera with me
  • Translate foreign words using an offline dictionary
  • To take notes
  • Hold a mini accounting of the last days if I’m racing and do not have time to do the daily bookkeeping
  • Load a road map from where I am to use it offline.
What I do for the security of my data:
  • I use an SD memory card to save my images and some useful documents
  • I make sure to use the applications mostly offline.

For reasons of lack of security, I avoid:

  • Save sensitive data on my phone.
  • Use the internet to make payments, purchases or other banking transactions with my phone.
  • To be permanently connected with Internet (either by Wifi or by data)

(Photos : CC0 @ pexels.com)