The Password is an additional protection on the path of your data. Still it must be well choosen …

Your password should:

  • Have a minimum of 8 characters (the longer it is, the better)
  • Contain one or more digits (0-9)
  • Consist of capital letters (A-Z) and lower case letters (a-z)
  • Contain at least one special sign (!, @, +, -, /, … etc)
  • Not be a common name like “sun”, “house”, “dog” and therefore do not be part of the dictionary.
  • Not relate to your person (your phone number or car plate, your date of birth or that of a member of your family … etc.)
  • Not already have been used (old password)

Is your password safe enough?

How long do you think it takes a hacker to break the barrier of your password and access your files?

1 year … 1 hour … or less than a second?

There are several websites where you can test dummy passwords of your own and become aware of their fragility, if they had to face an cyber attack. I have selected two for you:

  1. Password Kaspersky Lab
  2. How Secure Is My Password

Feel free to test old passwords that you no longer use, or passwords you’ve been thinking about using.

Do not use any existing password!

You never know who is behind a website or an internet application. And it is not because it seems well done nor because I recommend them, that you should not be wary.

I tested the following passwords:

  • Love >> can resist from 0 second to 7 minutes
  • 12345678 >> from 0 second to 3 hours
  • 11111111 >> from 0 second to 3 hours
  • Qwertz >> from 0 second to 4 hours (upper line of the keyboard)
  • yxcvbnm >> from 0 second to 6 hours (lower line of the keyboard)
  • Password >> from 0 second to 3 years
  • Singe >> from 4 minutes to 9 hours
  • s5in&Ge >> from 4 months to 53 years (singe with 1 digits, 1 sign and 1 capital letter)
  • S+r754sg >> from 4 minutes to 5000 years
  • Jenesaispas >> from 6 years to 923 centuries (a pass phrase of 11 characters)
  • tttttttttttttt > > from 8 minutes to 222 centuries (reapeted letter 14 times)

In conclusion…

Printscrean of SafeOnWeb by MSO

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