When you buy a Windows-based computer, there is always a firewall installed, and by default it is enabled. But what is it for?

As I use the Windows 7 firewall with the default settings, it is the one I will talk about.

What is the function of the Firewall and where is it found?

Firewall is like the wall of your home. It prevents any passage between the inside and the outside, except where you have decided to make an opening (doors, window, cat hatch, ventilation etc …). Moreover it checks what enters and what comes out.

Printscreen Windows7 by MSO

In a certain sense, Firewall is the one that delimits your territory. It erects a boundary between what is inside your computer network and what is outside. By controlling incoming and outgoing access, it serves as a border guard.

There are some in computers, but also in modems and routers or provided with antivirus software.

How do I know if the firewall is enabled or not in Windows 7?

A PC or network of computers without Firewall is more vulnerable to unauthorized access. And so, almost anyone can enter and have access to your data, programs and so on.

It’s why it’s recommended that you always have a Firewall activated (and only one), either the one provided by Windows or your modem, or the one provided with your antivirus. Free to choose according to your preferences and configuration of your system.

To verify that Windows Firewall is enabled, you must go to:
Start > Configuration Panel > System and Security > Firewall Windows > Enable or disable the Windows Firewall (Admin access needed)

Printscreen Windows7 by MSO

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