Your PC is getting slower and slower. It takes a long time to respond to a simple order… It’s time to do some cleaning in your computer or mobile phone!

No, your device has not necessarily been infected with a virus. Nor is it too old. He just needs a bit of cleaning and a good dusting.

As you use it, your device gets crushed with undeleted files, shortcuts dropped during the daily use, uninstalled programs, etc. So we have to clean it up first.

CCleaner, the cleaning and optimization software

CCleaner is the 1st tool to use when something seems strange to you. It often “ripped off” a somewhat seized device. According to the comments on the Internet, it seems to be the best for this kind of work.

Where to download CCleaner?

To download the latest version, my preference goes to the Piriform website. The free version is enough. Here is the link: . I also use CCleaner on my Android mobile phone.

How do I set up CCleaner?

The default settings do a very good job. But if you want to know more, you can search on the Internet or start with the following guidelines:

How to clean my computer

  1. Open Ccleaner, perform an initial cleanup.
  2. When finished, repeat a second time (Analysis and Cleaning).
  3. Restart your computer

Is the problem resolved? Yes. Then you can stop there.

  1. If the problem is not resolved, go to the Registry tab.
  2. Search for errors,
  3. Ask to fix any problems. (Be sure to save the file, which will allow you to go back if there is a problem.) To this day it never happened to me, but it’s good to always be careful.
  4. Restart your computer

Is the problem this time resolved?

Always not ! Then we will have to do a more thorough cleaning. (To be continued)

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