Are you tired of wasting your time searching for a folder, picture or  a letter on your computer? Are you tired of waiting for a non matching answer from Windows Explorer?

Or sometimes you may need a folder from your computer or from an external drive and have no idea where it can be classified?

Are you looking for speed and efficiency? So Hddb File Search is the software you need!

What is Hddb File Search ?

It is a free software.

It create so quickly – I was amazed –  a database of all your files and folders.

It lists both those on your computer and those on external connected drive to your computer.

What is the meaning of Hddb ?

Hddb is the acronym for Hard Disk Database.

How does Hddb File Search works ?

  1. Start the program “Hddb Search” from the start menu.
  2. Wait for the creation of the total database (1-2 minutes)
  3. Start your search by indicating in the search bar a part of the file name or its extension … and the results will be displayed as you type.
  4. There you go…

Where can you dowload « Hddb File Search »

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