Whether you are alone or many to share computer, it is a good idea to create a clear separation between the daily use and technical management of your device.

By creating a “Admin” user protected by a password and one or more “Standard” users, you create within your system an additional wall against hackers. Because it is necessary to be an Admin User to install or modify programs.

Add or Remove User Accounts

Path: Start> Control Panel> Add or Remove User Accounts> Create New Account

For a very long time, I had three users on all the computers we use my partner and I. An administrator (used only when updating or installing programs), and two standard users.

Today, I gave up, because there is no more data on our computers, except for the few files we are working on and which are double.

Change user account control settings

The role of the User Account Control is to notify you before any changes requiring Administrator level permission are made on your computer.

This is where you can control how often the administrator is informed.

Here are the settings as I use them:

Add a password to your user account

We have already spoken of the usefulness of having a password to prevent the curious to put their nose in your business. I would not go back on that. To know how to create a strong password, I suggest you to re-read this article published on this site.

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