Tunnbröd is a flat bread of Swedish origin. A little thicker than a wheat Tortilla or a Wrap. Its paste is soft and crust free. It has a slightly sweet taste with a hint of anise from fennel seeds.

As it is cooked in the frying pan, it is of all trips. In addition, they keep well in the freezer. Simply take out the desired amount 1 hour before serving.

Of course it is possible to buy them already made at IKEA, but I personally prefer them smaller and homemade.

The ingredients I use

For 20 small pieces of approx. 10 cm diameter.

200 g wheat flour
1/4 tsp. bicarbonate
1/2 tsp. salt
10 g white sugar
10 g brown sugar (molasse)
1 tbsp. fennel seeds
1 tbsp. oil
140 g milk
1 tsp. dry yeast

(Photo: SuD)