When in December 2011 I started creating my very first website, I embarked on an adventure with closed eyes and no training. I was certainly comfortable with the use of computer and surfed on Internet like anybody else, but nothing more.

At that time, in anticipation of my expatriation, I was planing to launch a remote secretarial services. The site was designed to promote these services. It’s why I have booked the domain name:


My first website

This first website was developed using the site creation software “Serif WebPlus X6”. It had a simple homepage showing links to secondary pages for more details.

Home page (End 2011)

In just a few weeks I succeed to book a domain name, find an hosting server to be able to self-host it and create the site from scratch. The hardest part was still ahead … to find customers, … but that’s another story.

One year later… on December 2012

The presentation had taken on a more professional look.

Page d'accueil de mon tout premier site web, un an après (fin 2012)
Home page (end 2012)

Throughout my learning by trial and error, I improved and enriched the website. In addition of the homepage, a page describing my strengths, as well as a contact page – with form – have been added.

And then, once satisfied with the result, I fully translate it in German and in English.

And in December 2013…

Finally, after I discovered WordPress, I decided to use only that as a content editor. I then uninstalled and archived my very first website and copied the data to a new WordPress installation.

So, you now know the story of my beginnings as a web designer.

See you soon again

— Suzanne —