When you start traveling, it is common to first choose a hard-shell suitcase for its strength and safety. Then, over the years, the choice changes and perfects itself.

Limits imposed by transport companies

It is an established fact that airlines regulate the size and weight of baggage. But did you know that some railways (e. g. VIA in Canada) or cruise ships (e. g. MSC) also do so?

Below, as an indication, are the most common limits for airline flights, but I strongly recommend that you check with your transport company to find out the regulations in force at the time of your trip.

  • Checked-in baggage: 20 to 23 kg for a cumulative size of 158 cm (= width + length + height).
  • In-cab luggage: 7 kg and a maximum cumulative size of 115 cm (= width + length + height).
  • More on : www.taillecabine.com (website in french)

Good to know: a piece of luggage must never exceed 32 kg in order to prevent accidents and protect workers’ health.

How to choose and buy your luggage?

Choosing the right luggage depends of course on several factors. Personally during the purchase, I take care that my luggage…

  1. Meets airline standards for format.
  2. Has wheels for comfortable walking and moving.
  3. Has several handles for easy handling.
  4. Organizes its interior with closed partitions for optimal storage and to serve as a cupboard when necessary.
  5. Suitable for the reception of a large hotel or a small Mekong boat.
  6. Be as light as possible while remaining resistant.
  7. Secure with padlocks that meet the strictest standards (USA)

To be check-in, I have chosen:

  • Brand: Dakine
  • Model: Split Roller 85 lt (65 lt effective)
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Size: 76 x 38 x 34 = 148 cm
  • Price: 189 CHF in July 2016
  • Also available in 100 lt, but too big and too heavy.

Pictures and details : www.dakine.com

To take in the plane, I have preferred:

  • Brand: Billabong
  • Model: Booster Carry On Travel Bag
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Size: 55 x 29 x 31 = 115 cm
  • Price: 61 SGD in June 2015
  • Pictures and details on : www.amazon.com

Now you know more about luggage… So Have a nice Trip!

(Photo: SuD)