As far as travel is concerned, I have my own little habits. There are several airlines with which I enjoy traveling. However, when I plan a new destination, I first launch a search to find out which companies are serving the city I want to discover.

My favourite websites

My tips

  1. Be sure to use a VPN, which will prevent the sites in question from knowing and registering your IP address. So you will avoid to see your prices increasing as your research progresses.
  2. Run multiple searches with different dates. Not all flights are made every day or at the same time.
  3. Once the approximate dates and times have been found, take a look at the airline(s) concerned. They often offer better prices or more pleasant schedules.
  4. If you have the choice, take a flight with one stop. The ticket will probably be cheaper.
  5. And if you have a scheduled transit in a country you don’t know yet, choose the airline of that country. And who knows, you may be able to enjoy a stopover for the same price.

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