In the chapter about the 1st of the 3 pillars of my IT security I told you about the technical precautions to be taken like: the Firewall, the Antivirus, the Passwords, the Updates, the Windows Users and the Web Browser .

In this chapter we will discuss another factor of IT security and not the least one, tthe one called the human being.

Indeed, the greatest danger in IT security, but also the greatest protection is the human being. Your attitude can therefore make a difference and change everything.

Internet is not a game. Even if it has the appearance. From the moment you connect to the Internet, it is the end of your anonymity. Be aware of it and act accordingly.

100% protection does not exist

It is useless and illusory to seek perfect protection without any breaches. SIt doesn’t exist. Unless, perhaps, to live as a hermit on a desert island … even then … I’m not sure.

Whether by telephoning, sending a mail, managing your calendar or saving your images on the cloud, everything is subject to being monitored, analyzed …. It is possible to know the pages you have visited, the words you have searched for, the people you communicate with, the places you have been, etc.

So what can you do as a human being to ensure a little bit security to your data?

Some “good” attitudes have to protect its data

Opting for a healthy mistrust

Ensure a responsible attitude. What you don’t do in a face to face, don’t do it on the Internet. Instead, opt for a healthy mistrust when using:

  • Mailbox
  • Mobile phone
  • Social Networks
  • Cloud services and other hosting
  • Payments Online

Imagine and prepare for the worst

Preparing for the worst is imagining the risks that your data can run and you, if you no longer have access to it. It’s putting in place a fallback strategy. What will you do if your system is unusable, inaccessible, out of service, or your equipment is contaminated and unusable or your account has been hijacked? Have you thought about:

  • Make backups?
  • Establish a fallback strategy?

Relying on his intuition

Finally intuition is the best weapon you can have. It is the one which throughout the day, will inspire confidence or mistrust. It will also guide you when you have to put in place a fallback strategy. It is still the one that will ring the alarm or will sow the doubt … Do not hesitate to listen to it.

In the next sections, I will detail point by point what I have set up. I do not pretend to be exhaustive, nor to have the best solution. It’s just the system I use on a daily basis and so I can speak frankly about it to you.

Note that it is not because this system suits me, that it is made for you. Test it carefully and adopt only the options that fit your situation and peace of mind.

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