You have already done a first cleaning with the “CCleaner” software, but that was not enough. You want to do more. Then it’s time to use “Glary Utilities”.

The Glary Utilities software cleans more in depth and scans wider. It cleans the registry (differently than Ccleaner), fixes shortcuts, overrides spyware, fixes the hard disk, tracks errors, deletes temporary files, manages the startup and checks if there is a new version of your software.

Where to download Glary Utilities?

To download the latest version, go directly to the site owner of GlarySoft. Here too, the free version is sufficient. The program exists in both French and English. Here is the link for download:

How do I set up Glary Utilities?

The default settings do a very good job. But if you want to learn more or deepen its other features, there are several websites that talk about it on the Internet.

How to clean my computer

  1. Start Glary Utilities and download the latest update (there is almost always one).
  2. Install the latest version. Restart your system.
  3. Start Glary Utilities and click “1-Click Maintenance”.
  4. Check all the boxes and click on “Scan for issues”.
  5. Once the analysis is complete. Click Repair.
  6. Close Glary Utilities.
  7. Restart your computer.

Another nice feature of Glary Utilities

You can also check by clicking on the icon “Software Update” if either one of your software has a newer version. If this is the case, take the opportunity to update it. Beware, Glary Utilities frequently offers you a beta or a trial version.

We will see in a next chapter the usefulness and use that can be made of Malwarebytes software.

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