Having energy when the days starts is the dream of many. Often it is only after the 2nd coffee (and even then…) that the morning mist dissipates, all the more so, if like me you are not of the morning. However… to have energy as soon as you wake up is possible, I live it “almost” in my daily life thanks to my yoga sessions.

Indeed, a few years ago, I turned to Yoga to find one or two postures that could relieve me of recurrent digestive difficulties. I started with a simple posture that I liked. Then I added a second one, and then another one… And since then, I haven’t stopped.

Having fun doing good for yourself

Every morning at bed jump, I ENJOY doing a 30 to 45 minute session of yoga and stretching, while I wake up quietly. And I assure you that it has not always been like this.

Indeed I am not sporty for a penny and doing repetitive exercises with no other objective than to do exercises, it is not for me.

Today I enjoy it because I can:

  • Go at my own pace
  • Move according to my abilities and mood
  • Choose my movements according to my needs of the moment
  • Discover new physical capacities day after day that have never been imagined before.
  • Be amaze at the speed at which my body opens, learns and grows.
  • And benefit from NEW ENERGY and clarity of mind… even before having breakfast.

To choose my yoga postures, I proceed as follows:

  1. I look for inspiration on reference sites, books, or any other documentation that I can find.
  2. If the explanations are not developed enough, I type the name of the posture on Google and very often I find either a site that talks about it or a YouTube video to show me the move.
  3. And I launch myself, striving day after day to move towards a more correct position or movement.

My reference site for Yoga