This question has been asked more than once by every traveler, and the information is not always obvious to find on the internet.

Here are the results of my experience and research. These are only informative indications. I therefore decline all responsibility for the current validity of this information.

Before starting your travel, I strongly recommend that you check with your travel agency or the competent authority in your country for the latest requirements.

Basically, what is a visa ?

It is an authorization to enter a country, to stay there for a certain number of days and for a given reason. The visa shall be issued by the competent authority of the country concerned.

Here are some examples of visas:

  • Visitor visa – single entry – valid for 30 days
  • A Visa for Work – multi-entry – valid for 1 year
  • A Permanent resident visa – multi-entry – valid for 10 years

What are the basic requirements ?

Most countries require you to have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date, as well as empty pages available in your passport.

With a Swiss passport, the visitor can often stay without a visa for 30 to 90 days, depending on the country. On the other hand, if he wants to stay longer, study or even work there, a specific visa application is almost inevitable.

Do I need a visa with my Swiss passport?

I need a PRELIMINARY VISA to visit the following countries:

  • Cambodia : (october 2015)
  • China : except some cases
  • Vietnam : (october 2000)
  • United States: you must obtain an ESTA authorization before departure, even if you are only in transit.

I receive a VISA upon arrival at the airport when I pass through customs :

  • Timor Leste : valid for 30 days (june 2015)

I don’t need a visa if I’m visiting:

  • Brunei : valid for 14 days (July 2012)
  • Canada : (July 2015)
  • Costa Rica : valid for 90 days (July 2017)
  • Dubaï : (May 2017)
  • Indonesia : valid for 30 days (2010) (
  • Laos : valid for 14 days (April 2017)
  • Malaysia : valid for 90 days (September 2017)
  • Mexico : valid for 90 days (September 2012)
  • Philippin : valid for 30 days (January 2013)
  • Singapore : valid for 30 days (June 2015)
  • Thaïland : valid for 30 days (October 2015)

When there is no visa, the customs officer will simply stamp the passport with the date of entry into the country and the duration of the authorized stay or even look at it without stamping it.

References for Swiss nationals :